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Fleeing the Fascists

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  • Fleeing the Fascists
  • ISBN: 9781845278946
  • Myrddin ap Dafydd
  • Publication: September 2022
  • Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 200 pages

Two children flee Germany on the eve of the Second World War but what's to become of their big brother?

Steffan is seventeen in 1939, growing up in the city of Bielefeld in Germany under the iron fist of Hitler and the Nazis. What will become of him and his mother?

Three years earlier, his father has had to flee the Fascists. On the brink of the Second World War his younger brother and sister are evacuated out of Germany as refugees on one of the special Kindertransport trains. They end up in Wales, in Aberystwyth, reunited with their father, who has found sanctuary and work. The town is already in the shadow of war British evacuees, the blackout, and men being conscripted into the armed forces.

But a different light burns there too. A pre-war friendship, begun between two young women one Welsh, one German at the Urdd's Llangrannog camp, is a steadfast flicker of hope during the war. It survives and bridges new boundaries when the fighting ends. First published in Welsh as Ffoi rhag y Ffasgwyr.