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Practical Islander, The

  • £8.50
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  • ISBN: 9781845273033
  • Publication June 2010
  • Publisher: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, Llanrwst
  • Edited by Jen Llywelyn
  • Format: Paperback, 215x138 mm

Gwales Description
This is a combination of extracts which tell R. M. (Ronald) Lockley's life story in his own words. The emphasis is mainly on natural history and farming, but all centres around island life. During the late 1920s and 1930s Lockley visited several islands, comparing their wildlife and human life, and essays on Grassholm, Bardsey and Heligoland are included in this work.

Further Information:
Ronald Lockley’s first book was published late in the 1920s. Following that, partly to earn money to feed his family and animals, he published book after book about his experiences living on the island of Skokholm, off Pembrokeshire, and then farming in the county during the war and soon after.

His observations of birds are particularly astute – he stops just short of anthropomorphism. His observation of bird and animal behaviour earned him respect and recognition as a naturalist and ornithologist.

Through the years several of Lockley’s books have been reprinted. He remains popular as a wonderful fluid writer of the natural world.
There will be a Foreword by Ronald Lockley’s daughter, Ann Mark (not yet received). She has given enthusiastic and supportive permission for her father’s work to be used in this way.