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Stone Quarries and Mineral Mines in Llyn

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  • Stone Quarries and Mineral Mines in Llyn
  • Des Marshall
  • ISBN: 9781845245221
  • Publication: April 2023
  • Format: Paperback, 150x155 mm, 98 pages

From the early 19th century, Ll?n became a noisy, busy and industrial area when large stone quarries started to make huge scars on the mountainsides.

Further Information:

Today, the peninsula is a quiet pastoral area with small houses, cottages and farms. Quarries are silent but their remains are testament to the struggle and sheer determination of the quarry workers. Many of the villages were built from the local stone as is evident from the many stone quarries both large and small. Mining also developed as the years passed with lead, copper, manganese, barytes and jasper being discovered. Their mineral wealth has virtually been exhausted but their infrastructure remains.